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  • Brandan Blom

Journey Home's first small business commercial out now

Journey Home Pictures recently teamed up with the Main Event Barber Shop in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, to produce the production companies first small business commercial.

The commercial showcases the talents of Master Barber and shop owner Dan Leufstedt and highlights the friendly and unique atmosphere that Dan has curated in his shop. Starring actual customers and incorporating feedback from Dan the commercial gives the familiar feeling of being at the local barber shop on a Saturday afternoon.

A childhood friend of Adam Gale and the Journey Home crew, Dan’s barber shop was the perfect small business to start with as Journey Home expands into the commercial market focusing on bringing high production value to small businesses.

"They were very professional and they really brought it down to my level," Leufstedt said. "I did't know exactly what was going on but they were constantly explaining it to me what they where doing. If I had an idea, they did their best to incorporate it. It was very down to earth while I was working with them. I'm happy with how everything turned out."

Check out the commercial here and be on the lookout for more commercial and creative work from Journey Home Pictures in the coming weeks. 

If you are a small business owner interested in video production work – commercial or otherwise – please reach out to us here or simply send an email to

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