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  • Brandan Blom

Comedy web series 'Truly Excellent' premiering soon

Coming soon to is the highly anticipated short comedy web series Truly Excellent. Written by Adam Gale and Tristen Stafford and directed by Tristen Stafford, the series includes many familiar faces in the Journey Home family as the crew play an exaggerated version of themselves living in a nonsensical world.

“It’s just absurd,” Stafford said of the coming series. “They’re two-minute episodes and they’re set in this world that is filled with insane things happening regardless of where they go, but it’s primarily set in New York City.” 

Starring Gale, Stafford, Kara Kind, Greg Lakhan, and Emma Grace Myers – with other guest appearances – the first season of Truly Excellent is five episodes long and will chronicle the group of friends as they observe and even try to escape the weirdness of their everyday surroundings. 

“I think comedy does a great job of getting people excited about things,” Gale said. “I love creating comedic content and I’m really looking forward to this coming out. I think it really shows who we are and it’s just fun to be able to make.” 

The series is currently in post-production and will be premiering online soon. Make sure to check back at so you don’t miss an episode and follow along on Instagram for even more behind the scenes content.

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